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Becoming a store owner in the Radio BOP Online Mall.

As host of the Radio BOP Online Mall I want to thank you for contacting us. Our aim is to make it possible for small and medium size businesses to advertise on our different platforms without having to pay advertising fees in advance.

Store owners in our Mall pay at least 10% commission on all the sales generated by the traffic we send to your online store.

To qualify as a store owner in our mall, you need to have a functioning e-commerce website and a referral program.

At Dynamix Online we use Shopify as our e-commerce website and Affiliatly as our referral tracking program.

You can use any platforms you want, but if you are a start-up who still have to build your e-commerce platform, I can strongly recommend these two programs.

Shopify was developed as an e-commerce platform and with more than a million online stores powered by Shopify, it is a global leader in this field.

Affiliatly is a referral tracking program that seamlessly integrate with Shopify.

As I use these two platforms in my e-commerce business I will be able to give you advise where needed if you also use them. Should you need any advice on other stores, I will probably not be able to help you.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, please click on the links below to watch some of the YouTube videos I made to explain the concept.

Video 01 “Monotize your database”   

Video 02 “Profit sharing instead of fixed income”

Video 03 “Affiliate Marketing”

To start a profitable e-commerce business you need the following.

1. A solid e-commerce website. To start a Shopify website, click here: Start a Business, Grow Your Business – Shopify 14-Day Free Trial

2. Referral tracking program. To download Affiliatly, click here: (Please note that this is an affiliate link)

3. Traffic. Without traffic, your e-commerce business will not be profitable. By partnering with Radio BOP you can receive a lot of traffic and only pay for actual transactions generated by the traffic sent to your store.

For more information, please contact me at:

Cell/ WhatsApp: 083 468 1015


Hope to hear from you soon.